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  • Church, Ball, 3 Wick Candles Church, Ball, 3 Wick Candles
    Wholesale classic church candles in various heights, widths and pack sizes. All candles are classic style pillar candles that are non-drip with long burn times and clean non-smoke candles. Includes popular 3 wick candles and ball candles.
  • Wholesale Dinner Candles Wholesale Dinner Candles
    A wide selection of NON DRIP wholesale dinner candles at low prices. Available in retail packs of 10 candles, catering boxes of 100 candles and large carton packs for best value.
  • Wholesale Scented Candles Wholesale Scented Candles
    Wholesale scented pillar candles, votive candles and glass jar candles in a range of luxury fragrances and sizes. You can buy in single quantities bulk purchase by the case.
  • Wholesale Floating Candles Wholesale Floating Candles
    Quality floating candles available in a variety of colours and pack sizes. Choose your colour and your pack size that meets your requirements. All our candles are of high quality with long burn times and do not smoke.
  • Wholesale Rustic Candles Wholesale Rustic Candles
    Rustic pillar candles offer a new alternative to standard pillar candles. With a contemporary finish in classic or vibrant colour choices and a range of sizes and burn times. Sold in retail cases for best value.
  • Wholesale LED Candles Wholesale LED Candles
    Wholesale LED pillar candles that are battery operated for safe use around children and pets or for venues that do not allow real candles.
  • Birthday & Novelty Candles Birthday & Novelty Candles

    Candles in a novelty theme include candles shaped as wedding cakes and popular birthday candles numbered 0 to 9.

  • Wholesale Tealights Wholesale Tealights
    A popular selection of wholesale tealights in classic styles including popular long lasting 8 hour wholesale tealights. Quality tealights at small or large quantity prices to suit all requirements.
  • Outdoor Candles Outdoor Candles

    Ideal for the garden in Summer. Try our collection of outdoor candles when you need to impress guests who pop round for a BBQ. Or perhaps your event needs some extra finishing touches or just a little citronella to keep the bugs away?

  • Wholesale Bistro Candles Wholesale Bistro Candles
    Bistro candles are straight sided in style, they do not taper and have a trendy cafe or bar look and feel. Available in retail cartons in popular colours and also available in new fragranced style - unique to the UK.
  • Wholesale Unscented Candles Wholesale Unscented Candles
    Sometimes you need the elegance of a candle without the fragrance. Why not try these colourful candles made from unfragranced wax. With long clean burn times and quality manufactured in Europe.
  • Aromatherapy Candles Aromatherapy Candles

    A wonderful collection of popular aromatherapy and massage candles for use in Spa's, Hotel's or for resale in gift shops. Our new massage candles are simple and safe to use and last about three times - depending on use.

  • Wholesale Catering Candles Wholesale Catering Candles
    Designed specifically for the catering and events market, these bulk buy candles make a great choice when large quantities of wholesale candles are needed. Do not compromise on quality - buy from a trusted supplier to the trade.

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